How often are you quiet? How often do you just sit with yourself and allow yourself to think and feel? Do you find that you do something else to distract your own quiet? What would happen if you only allowed the silence to be uninterrupted? It can be scary to sit in stillness, to sit …


What are your intentions? What outcome do you desire?


Practicing mindfulness is truly that, a practice. Being aware of your present moment. Aware of your interactions with yourself and with others. Many times, we are not aware of our impact on others or what others notice. It had not crossed my mind that my son was aware of my business, let alone the name. …

Good Living

What makes a good life? Is it having a lot of money? Having everything your heart desires? Traveling the world? What is good living? These are questions that I have and the self-help gurus, even psychology professionals would tell you that only the individual can answer those questions. I can understand that but it’s hard …


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About Me

Hi, I’m Candace Donaldson-Scott, a licensed professional counselor with a love for finding peace and balance in all that we do. With over 15 years in the mental health field, I have seen and experienced many changes. What has remained is the constant desire of people to better themselves. This blog holds my ruminations and and musings.

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